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Loving Couple

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! I currently have limited availability for new couples (I intentionally maintain a small practice in order to provide individualized care and attention to each of my couples).


My spouse, Lindsey, and I also offer an innovative workshop for couples who may benefit from an educational program on how to strengthen relationships. It's based on 30+ years of research on how romantic bonds are formed and maintained. Visit for more info. 

What else should I know, to help me see if it's a good fit?

• I do not see clients in-person; I'm an all-virtual practice. 


• I do not accept insurance; I'm self-pay only. 

• I do not have evening, weekend, or early morning sessions.

• I do not work with individuals; I just work with couples.  

• Please see other FAQs for additional information to determine if we are a good fit.  

Looks good. I'm ready to get started. What's the next step?

For Couples Therapy

You may call or text me at 864-319-3360 to schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation. Only one of you needs to reach out to schedule your phone consultation; however, you will both want to be present for the scheduled phone consultation (we can do a conference call for the consultation, if necessary).  

For Discernment Counseling 

You may call or text me at 864-319-3360 to schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation to see if working together is a good fit. For Discernment Counseling, each partner should reach out to me separately for you each to have separate phone consultations. 

For Hold Me Tight® Workshop

Visit for more information and for detailed instructions on how to register.