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Loving Couple

Are you accepting new clients?

I have limited availability for couples seeking Discernment Counseling (a short-term intervention for couples where one or both partners are considering divorce and unsure if they want to reconcile). 


I regret that I am not currently accepting new clients for couples therapy: I have a waiting list.

What else should I know, to help me see if it's a good fit?

• I do not see clients in-person; I am an all-virtual practice. 


• I do not accept insurance; I am self-pay only. 

• I do not schedule sessions in the evenings or early mornings. My first session begins at 11 am, and my last session begins at 4 pm. Based on the urgent nature of couples on the brink of divorce, I reserve a limited number of spots on Saturdays for Discernment Counseling clients. 

• I do not work with individuals; I just work with couples.  

• Please see other FAQs for additional information to determine if we are a good fit.  

Looks good. I'm ready to get started. What's the next step?

For Discernment Counseling 

You may call me at 864-319-3360 to schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation to see if working together is a good fit. For Discernment Counseling, each partner should reach out to me separately for you each to have separate phone consultations. 

For Couples Therapy

Please note that I am not accepting new couples at this time. However, if, after reviewing my website, you feel that I am the best fit for you----and you want to be placed on my waiting list rather than begin with someone else sooner----you may call me at 864-319-3360 to schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation. Only one of you needs to reach out to schedule your phone consultation; however, you will both want to be present for the scheduled phone consultation (we can do a conference call for the consultation, if necessary).  


If, after the phone consultation, we all agree that it's a good fit, I'll place you on my waiting list. If, for whatever reason, it's not a good fit, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. 

What should we do while we wait for couples therapy? I get it. You're in a tough spot, and you don't want to wait for help without any support. Because many couples therapists in the area currently have a waiting list, I am working diligently to develop a brief, educational group to help couples be better prepared for the journey ahead while they wait to begin therapy. If you want to be notified of when this group will start, call me at 864-319-3360 to express your interest. Also, you may find it helpful to read Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love (by Dr. Sue Johnson) to help prepare you for your couples therapy experience. ​​