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Stay connected.

Let me help you strengthen your connection, and build a better bond.

You and your partner feel like you're living separate lives. You've drifted apart. You feel lonely even when your partner is right beside you. When you fight, you and your partner either shut down or criticize each other. When you aren't arguing, you feel distant and alone.

You want to feel close to your partner again. You want intimacy. You want to enjoy your time together, like when you first got together. You want a sense that you are there for each other.


I can be your guide.

Rebuilding trust and intimacy is an essential step. Although challenges are inherent to each relationship, each partner has unique strengths that can enhance the relationship once the connection is restored.


Gottman Method Couples Therapy consists of research-based interventions designed to reduce the likelihood of infidelity, breakup, and divorce. In addition to this time-tested method, I bring warmth, humor, and compassion to the therapeutic process. I look forward to helping you reconnect. 

Cultivating          Connection

Makarios Tabor

 "To help couples rebuild trust and intimacy - that's what drives my work. It's all about connection."


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